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I love McDougall because it allows my son the freedom to explore the world in his own way in a safe and nurturing environment where he has fun every day. Annie

Santiago's Mum

When we found McDougall Park, it felt like we had come home. Finally here was a place for four-year-olds that let them really play, supporting their learning and development without trying to box them in. The staff are excellent, the program is rich and wonderful, and the premises are a true ‘children’s garden’. McDougall Park gave our daughter a wonderful grounding and she has transitioned beautifully to the more tightly-structured world of Pre-Primary at our local school. Clare

Eva's Mum

Mum “Max what shall we do today?” Max “Me go kindy, me go kindy today.” 

Max definitely feels at home at McDougall Kindy, he can’t wait to start, everyday he is talking about it (just another 1 1/2 years to wait). He loves the outdoor play and the excitement of the other kids makes him squeal with delight.


Kindy sibling - 2 years old

Both my sons attended this kindy (in different years) and had a wonderful time. The teachers are caring and have the amazing ability of making learning exciting and fun for my boys. I especially love that the children are given ample time for outdoor play. My boys and I will treasure those kindy days and friends we have made.


Blake & Cameron's Mum

The best kindy in the world! We are so grateful we landed in the amazing hands of the McDougall ladies to gently guide our separation anxiety ridden little caterpillar into a chatter box butterfly. She cannot get enough of it now, sometimes suggesting we go on the weekend just to check if her friends might be there hiding in the bushes! It has been the most positive introduction to the world of “school” we could have hoped for! Nadine & Steve

Zoe's Mum & Dad

McDougall Park is the best kindy in the world. I love doing the magic tricks the most.


4 years old - Class of 2015

We were so fortunate to be recommended McDougall Park Community Kindy by a friend. Our daughter Sophie is one of the youngest in the class and we were concerned how she would handle being separated from us for the first time. But the teachers are so welcoming, kind, energetic and fun, that at the end of a kindy day Sophie wants to stay and play some more! The playground is huge with a large variety of equipment, the teachers are always coming up with new craft activities and science experiments for the kids to do, and the kids are given plenty of time for free play. We would highly recommend this kindy and plan to send our son Ethan there too.

Marianne & Adam

Sophie's Mum & Dad

All our children came through this marvellous kindy. The staff were very welcoming and our children were happy. The playground is an adventure in itself. What a fabulous resource this place is, hope it lasts forever. Nicole and Ben

Lara, Kaiden and Brooke's Mum & Dad

We are so happy we found McDougall Park community kindy, there truly is a wonderful community feel.
My daughter, Kate loves the teachers who make each child feel special everyday. She is learning so much through play and ‘magic’. We love kindy days, at dinner time we get told about the magic tricks (science) and we even get her to demonstrate the magic trick. I’m learning from my daughter!


Kate's Mum

It was with heavy hearts that we parents left McDougall Park Kindergarten at the end of 2015. Fortunately the children were too young to realise the finality of the occasion. Throughout the whole year I never heard one single negative word from anyone about anything or any person- a rare situation that reflects this Kindy’s outstanding culture. There was always so much to celebrate and be grateful for: fantastic teachers, beautiful children and a quite amazingly hard working and dedicated parent body. This was all combined with the well maintained natural beauty and constantly enhanced play environment. Both indoors and out, McDougall Park enjoys a spaciousness that allows  for a really diverse and fun curriculum including mud play, camping, a visiting caravan, ambulance and animal farm, daily science experiments, and a fortnightly mystery room that was always stunning in its decoration and learning potential. I recommend that you become a part of the 50 year history of this exceptional Kindergarten and do you and your children a favour.

Parents in 2015